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Education in Mexico
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* Mexican schools are divided in 1. Pre-kinder (Pre-school) 2. Kinder (Kindergarden) 3. Primaria (Grade school) 4. Secundaria (Middle School or Junior High) 5. Preparatoria (High School)

* School for Mexican children begins at age 6 and most kids continue until age sixteen.

* Wikipedia says that literacy is about 90.5%. However living here, we are more apt to think that it is much lower, probably more like 75%

* They go to school in 2 shifts. 1st: 8am - 1pm and 2nd: 2pm - 8pm

* Religious instruction is prohibited in public schools

* The grading system is done with the highest or an A is a 10. (Not 100)

* English is taught in most schools in Mexico. However they don't learn good accents and many learn simple things like dog is perro.

*  Most students wear uniforms, which consist of a dress or slacks of 1 color and then a sweater of another color with a white shirt or blouse.  

* Mexicans take many cathaolic holidays throughout the year. As a result their school year is mid August to mid December and then January through end of June

*Mexico government provides free education for all children.  Many private schools cater to the more affluent, have better supplies, higher salaries, and better teachers.

* The Mexican government passed a law providing for all Mexicans regardless of economic resources the availability of a university education. This practically worked out to a mega-university directly under the auspices of the Mexican Congress, the UNAM (National University of Mexico), which is located in southern Mexico City. UNAM has over 125,000 students usually. By no means is it the only University in Mexico City, there are literally dozens of large universities here competing for the best of each discipline.



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