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Traffic In Mexico City
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How am I driving? In Mexico City, like a jerk

By Héctor Tobar, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
April 04, 2007

Please read this aricle from a Mexicans point of view

Various Points of Interest About Traffic

Jonathan and Rebecca Allinson

traffic 1

- Many people leave for work early to avoid heavy traffic. They then go to a gym or something similar once they get downtown. They then wait until later in the evening to come home. Our neighbor leaves between 5-6 am and comes home between 9-10 pm

- One of the major highways (the Periferico) the people here call it the biggest parking lot in the world. It is a 6 lane interstate each direction (12 total) and many times both sides are bumper to bumper traffic.

- Here you never know when you might hit a major traffic jam. One month we went downtown 3 times for visa work. One time the trip took about 25 minutes. Another 50 minutes and another 2 hours. All at the same time of day around 10:00 am.

traffic 2

- Many times when you get stuck in traffic and things are moving slowly and you are approaching a traffic light the reason is because there is a traffic cop trying to direct traffic. They cause the traffic to be slower.

- The Bible verse that says that the people did that which was right in their own eyes applies to the traffic here in Mexico City.

- Mexico has something called tuianguis. These are open air markets which vendors basicaly take over a street and both sides are lined with booths selling whatever you can imagine. The passageway for the people is the middle of the street. This causes major problems because they shut down whole streets that are major thouroughfares.



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