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Food in Mexico
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Mexico Food

Wikipedia -Mexican Food

This is full of more information about Mexican food.

Cultural Notes on Mexican Food

Jonathan and Rebecca Allinson


* Mexicans generally eat (especially in Mexico City) their main meal at around 3:00 pm. They eat breakfast and then the main meal and then at about 8-9 they eat bread of some kind, with coffee or something else light. This all of course depends upon job siutation and the city where people live.

* The Mexicans call sopa (soup literal translation) the appetizer like salad, noodles, soup etc.

* Many meals include tortilla. They would use the tortilla many times like we as Americans use bread at our meals. The only main difference is that they dip their tortilla, they put stuff in it like to make a taco.

* The tortilla in the north is many times the flour tortilla which is usually white. This is what most Americans are used to eating as a tortilla. However in south they mainly use corn tortilla which is yellow. They also some times make a corn tortilla thats green.

* Rice and beans are also staples of the Mexican diet.


* One thing that is in most food is chili. There are around 60 different varieties of chilis. The hottest is the Habanero. They say the bigger it is the milder it is. They also say that it takes about 6 minutes for the fieryness of a chili to go away once you eat it that is.

* They use the word picar to say that something is hot to them like a dish is spicy. The word is also used to speak of a bite or a sting.

* The candy here often times is coated with a chili flavor. They thinkit is delicious to have candy that is sweet with the spice of the chile flavor. They do the same thing for fruit. They will put chili powder over their fruit.

* Mexicans favorite dish at least in various parts for their independance day is called Pozole. This is a soup like dish with big grains of corn and onions, lettuce, chili, pork or chicken etc. Their indepedence day is September 15th

* Another dish that is interesting is the cactus. They eat this as a vegetable.

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