Allinson Family - No Longer Chained


This is the latest recording, the Allinson families 7th recording. Recorded in Mexico December of 2012. "His Name is Jesus" is song written by Pastor Higgins of the Harbor Baptist Church in Hainesport, Nj. This is where Jonathan's parents attend church. "The Names of God" was from a video referred by a family member. "Common Garments" was sung various times throughout the years visiting churches however had never been recorded. "Justified" is Jonathan and Rebecca's favorite on the album.

Sample Music Player

01. Thou Oh Lord

02. Common Garments

03. No Longer Chained

04. In the Depths of the Sea

05. What About His Grace

06. His Name is Jesus

07. The Names of God

08. Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah

09. Forgiveness

10. Justified

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