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Marks of an Educated Person
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Bob Dalton

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; the knowledge of the holy is understanding." Proverbs 9:10


1. Mastery of the core body of information and skills - a foundation of cultural literacy which includes history, literature, arts, ethics, politics, and above all theology. This broad based knowledge facilitates all further learning. 

2. Writes competently with clarity, simplicity, logic, unity, and coherence. 

3. Able to synthesize the main argument in an essay, editorial, etc. in clear, coherent, and concise prose. (reading for understanding).

4. Able to argue logically and assess the weaknesses and strengths of opposing arguments - to weigh, analyze, evaluate accurately.  (Tells the difference between fact and opinion.  

5. Mastery of the catalogue of logical fallacies i.e. Aristotle.

6. Effective and accurate use of a broad vocabulary. (Leaders are readers. To have understanding while reading, meditate on Scripture daily.)

7. A "gentleman" and "lady" in etiquette and ethics.  (Basic manners)

8. Able to serve God with skill and efficiency in a calling. 

9. Able to speak publicly and privately with fluency and conviction. 

10. Loves, advances, and defends truth with a sense of urgency and great sacrifice if necessary. 


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