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Ineffective Leaders
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Leaders who want to be effective will be careful that they are not:

1. Spending too much time managing and not enough time leading. 

      A. There are major difference between managing and leading. Here are a few.

         Generally speaking:

            1. Managers think short term, leaders long term

            2. Managers control and minimize change, leaders initiate change. 

            3. Managers are reactive (responding to ideas) leaders are proactive (creating ideas). 

            4. Managers solve problems, leaders create excitement generating more problems. 

            5. Managers are process-orientated (how its done), leaders are result-orientated (why and if it's done). 

            6. Managers motivate by rules and regulations, leaders by empowerment and vision. 

2. Spending too much time in counseling the hurting and not enough time in developing the leaders.

      A. The hurting will find you. You will have to find the leaders. 

3. Spending too much time fighting fires and not enough time lighting  fires.

      A. The leader needs to be a proactive  fire lighter, not a reactive fire fighter. 

      B. Many leaders spend so much time dealing with issues in a crises mode. 

4. Spending too much time doing and not enough time praying, dreaming and planning. 

      A. We have all heard the expression, "Just don't sit there, do something."

      B. Leaders need to practice, "Just don't do something, sit there."

      C. A good leader will balance out doing, and dreaming, active and quiet, energized and hibernating.

      D. A good leader will have less on the "do list" and free up time to "just sit there" and not be always chasing his own tail  light in the traffic of life. 

5. Spending too much time teaching the many and not enough time training the few

      A. II Timothy 2:2

6. Spending too much time doing it themselves and not enough time doing it through others.

      A. Little people do it all by themselves, big people get others to help them. 

      B. You have 2 choices in leadership. Do it yourself, or get others to help carry the load (Numbers 11:17)

      C. Your willingness and determination to work through others, more than anything else, may well define your effectiveness and success in ministry. 

7. Making too many decisions based on organizational politics and too few decisions based on Biblical principles. 

    Truly effective leaders will:

        * Lead not merely manage

        * Develop future leaders. 

        * Light new fires

        * Spend more time praying, dreaming, and planning.

        * Do ministry through others. 

        * Make biblically correct decisions. 




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