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March 16th , 2013

We are currently on furlough until July of this year. We started visiting churches in January of this year. God has been good. We have driven through a couple of snow storms without an incident. The girls are doing fairly well traveling and being in a different nursery every couple of days.


February 18, 2011

Allinson Family: Rebecca is due any day now. Her due date is March 23rd. However when we went for a check up 1 week ago she was already dilated. The doctor sent her medicine to control the contractions and will see her in one week. He believes she will go anytime between now and around the 8th of March. We decided on a name - Alexandra Lilly. Rebecca's parents are planning on coming. We ask for prayers that it will work out that they are here for the birth as this is the desire of Rebecca and her parents.

Karla is now almost 10 months old. She has begun to say mama and dada. She can stand up a second or two on her own. She will be walking on her own soon. She also began about 2 weeks ago clapping. Very cute.

Jonathan now has to do all the housework as Rebecca is on rest ordered by the doctor. He is working diligently to train some of the young men in the church especially Saul his assistant. His dad is not doing well health wise. The Parkensons is taking a toll on his body.

Living Hope Baptist Church: The church has seen many visitors and people saved recently. God has given a great group of people. The goal this year is to save up money to look to buy a property in about a year or so. Of course God is in control and we are open to His leading. We did find an awesome property not far from where we are at on the main avenue of our city.

Jonathan one of our young men is backslidden and living in sin. Please pray for him.

This Sunday we are taking a group of people for the evening service to another church about 20 minutes away for a baptismal service. There is a lady to be baptized who cannot easily climb up the ladder into our tank. So we will be able to baptize her more easily in this other church.




May 28, 2010

Allinson Family: Karla Rose is now just over 1 month old. We are living with Rebecca's parents during our 3 month furlough. It is so wonderful to see family and friends. Karla Rose

Jonathan's father was able to come home a few weeks ago from the nursing home. He is doing quite well. He still struggles with Parkenson's disease.

Living Hope Baptist Church:The church was left in the hands of Jaime a gentleman that shows a lot of potential to be a leader and a deacon in the church. He is an older gentleman around 50 years of age. Saul the teen director is helping him in a tremendous way since his work schedule is not allowing him to be at everything including Wednesday evenings. Saul has matured so much over the past year.


Jonathan a 19 year old young man surrendered to preach about 2 months ago. We are so excited about what God is doing with him as well. Two other men were called to preach in the last 9 months. Daniel is also 19 but has gone into the world somewhat since he was called to preach about 6 months ago. We see so much that people surrender and they get attacked by Satan. Leobardo a married man in his 40's is doing well just coming along slower concerning faithfulness. The men have informed me that he has been more faithful the last 2 weeks. Praise the Lord.

We started a small Bible Institute to train some of these men and women that have a desire to serve God. It is going well with 2 classes. Bible Doctrines and Old Testament Survey.

Furlough:We started a 3 month furlough 3 weeks ago. We drove from Mexico City to Missouri and then from there to my sisters graduation from Providence Baptist College. Then we went to Michigan and then Pennsylvania a week later. We will be visiting the other half of the churches that we didn't get to 2 years ago.

April 24, 2010

Allinson Family: Karla Rose Allinson was born last evening at 8:20 pm. She was 5lbs 2 ozs and is 19 inches long. Both baby and mother are doing well.

Sorry we have not been updating things as we should be doing.


September 10, 2009

Allinson Family: Rebecca is pregnant. She is 6.5 weeks along. Thank you so much to all of you who prayed with us over the years.

My father is not doing well. He has been submitted to a nursing home for reabilitation purposes. It was very hard for my family to continue taking care of him. If it is God's will we are praying he will be able to come home shortly.

Living Hope Baptist Church: The church is moving. We found a new place that is on street level and will be less rent per month. It is also bigger. We praise the Lord for growth over the last few months. In August we had over 30 visitors.

April 22, 2009

Allinson Family: Health is the main update here. Rebecca's father, Larry Hamilton

had a triple bypass open heart surgery in March. The problems are hereditary! As a result, Rebecca's brother Larry Jr. went to get tested. He also has problems. (He is 22 years old) Today he is going in for a heart catherization to determine the next step.

My father David Allinson is doing well physically under the circumstances. He has Parkinsens Disease.

Personally Rebecca and I are doing well. She just got some tests done concerning being able to have a child. This year Rebecca's brother will be getting married so we are looking forward to going home for about 2 weeks in November.

Our director Fred Kindhart also came to Mexico. Some Macedonia missionary families got together about 2 hours from where we live. We were able to get away for 2 days and visit with them. This was a blessing, to escape the city traffic and stress and visit with other missionaries.

Living Hope Baptist Church: The Church has been exploding with growth. We have had almost 20 visitors this month. God has added some real good families recently. Of course with God working, the devil is at work. Please pray for those who are backslidden, that they would return to love the Lord with all their hearts and return to being faithful in church.


In March we started "Rompiendo las Cadenas" (Breaking the Chains) an addiction ministry. Drugs and alchohol are a major issue here as they are with many larger cities. We also in March initiated our new church web site.

We have also set some goals for the year. Here are a few them 1. Growth to 100 in average attendance. 2. 18,000 tracts distributed.

In the month of May on Sunday evenings we are going to have some of the men preach! Some of them it will be the first time. We are so excited about this. Please pray that God would call men into the ministry.

We took our teens to their first youth conference. We took 8 and 2 got saved. They were brand new! God really worked on their hearts. Please pray that they stick to their committments they made.

Vehicle News : As most of you know there have always been restrictions on vehicles 9 years of age or older. Up until recently it was one day a week Monday thr Friday depending upon your liscence plate (last number).

However they have added new rules recently 1. One Saturday a month you cannot drive your vehicle 2. Vehicles with plates outside of Mexico City cannot drive until 11 am every weekday.

In our town we were told that these rules didn't apply. However, on a day I was driving I was pulled over and advised that with the new rules they now do apply. March was the first month that our vehicle meets the 9 year requirement. (It was inspected for 6 months until February) Our vehicle is a 2000 or 9 years old.

This of course complicates many things, we will work out the transportation issues until we can come up with enough money plus the value of our current vehicle to buy a newer car (maybe 2003-2004). We do not want to go into debt!
Please pray with us that God's will would be accomplished in this confusing and aggravating issue.





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